Thursday, 4 July 2013

PLL review

If you haven't already watched the latest episode of PLL then stop reading now. Spoilers are following!

For all of you that have watched it. WOW! 
At the end of every episode I think I know who A is, I think I know what everyone is hiding, then the next episode comes along and all my theories get thrown in the bin. 
Each episode always leaves questions circling round my mind for a week. But I love it!

If you can't remember what happened in this episode then let me refresh your memory;
Emily's doctor totally got the wrong end of the stick and told family services that he was worried about Emily's relationship with her parents. Basically, Mr and Mrs Fields are getting accused of beating there daughter. (Shouldn't of lied Emily) The new detectives in town are the 'real deal' as Caleb told Hanna, and are following in Wilden's footsteps by constantly being on the girls tails. Toby is still hot on his trail for finding out what happened to his mother. Well, he thought  he was, he even found the doctor that spoke to his mother on the day she died. Was it me, or did this man have Alzheimers or something? Mind you, he did tell us one bit of good information, a blonde woman visited her frequently. (Alison?) The mask maker guy is freaking me out more than ever. Melissa basically admitted to Spencer that she was on the halloween train, and that she got the masks made so that she could get information about Ali, she new that Wilden wanted to kill the girls on the train, until Garrett became a bigger interest, and apparently Wilden was the one who set fire to the lodge/ barn. But she deny's killing Detective Wilden. Did Melissa tell the truth? Things where going well for Aria and Jake, until Malcolm came running out of the book store, which then brought up Ezra. This left Jake asking Aria whether she is 'injured or hurt'. 

I think I have said it all. Right?

Here is the promo for next weeks episode;

Do you want to see the sneak peeks too? 

Love, Liverpool Girl.xo

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