Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Knowing Ryan Guzman...

The latest episode of PLL hit America's tv screens last night, and whilst the east side were watching, Ryan Guzman (Jake) done a #PLLchat. Where you involved? If you are like me, and live in the UK, and couldn't be up in the early hours of a morning to be involved, then I thought I would gather all the questions and answers together and include them below. 

Did you enjoy filming step up revolution and did you have to learn how to dance or did you already know?

I had to learn how to dance.

Have you ever been to Europe?

Yes I have and I love it.

Do you enjoy playing the role of Jake? And do you enjoy working with Lucy Hale and the others?

Yes I feel blessed to be working on PLL.

Are you excited for Lucy Hale's album?

Yeah, can't wait to hear her.

Do you play an instrument?

Nope, I wish.

Do you have any brothers or sisters? How many?

One younger brother.

Secret talents?

I draw. shhhhh

If you could play anyone else on the show who would it be?

I would play Toby.

Pancakes or waffles?

PANCAKES all the way!! Sorry way to excited about that but I do love pancakes.

Why did you start dancing?

I started learning for Step Up Revolution.

Are you a good cook?

Love cooking.

Are you good at karate or dancing outside of your acting career?

I love doing both.

If you could guest star on any tv show, what show would it be?

Besides PLL, I would love to be on Boardwalk Empire or Banshee.

If you weren't acting, what would you do as a career?

I would be a professional fighter.

One thing you can't live without?

My's bad.

If you had to pick a super power, what would it be?

I would love to have super speed and strength.

Cats or dogs?


What's the best christmas gift you have received?

I didn't receive anything. I actually bought my bro a car and the look on his face was the best present.

Do you have scenes with Troian, Ashley or Shay?

In the future eps I do.

Your favourite drink is?

I love sprite.

What's your favourite movie of all time?

Fight club and the lion king.

What is your favourite holiday?


Who is your favourite superhero?


Summer or winter?

Winter.. Love getting cozy by the fire.

Sweet or sour?

Sweet and sour ;)

What's your favourite sport?


Which are the most important people in your life?

My mom, dad and brother.

What's your favourite role that you've done?

I loved playing Sean in Step Up but I'm really happy to play Jake.

How did you prepare yourself to audition for the role of Jake?

I had fun with the audition because I actually went for the role of Detective Holbrook.

Were would you be in 30 years?

Directing, writing and producing my own films.

Do you have any theories on who #A is?

I have a couple but I can't tell ya.... ;)

Who's your dream leading lady?

Kate Beckinsale.

What's your favourite PLL quote?

It has yet to come up....

Most embarrassing moment?

Splitting my pants in the middle of school....ugh

Advice for auditions?

Put yourself into the character be true to the scene.

Will we be seeing you more often in PLL?

I will be around...

Do you have any fears?

I have a couple but I love getting over them.

Do you like soccer?

Yes I played for 13 years.

Do you still dance?


What can we expect from Jake?

The love triangle will stay verrrrry interesting.

I will be watching last night's episode later tonight, and I will review it tomorrow! So make sure you check it out!

Love, Liverpool Girl.xo

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