Saturday, 27 July 2013

Nian split; My opinion

I have been reluctant to do a post about the rumored split of Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, but I think it is time to share my opinion on this!

I want to start of by saying that, all of you who read this blog know that I love Nian, but whether they are together or not, we have to respect them. Of course I would love for them to still be together, but being amazingly close friends is good enough for me. 

I read posts from other online news sources and bloggers, and I hate their assumptions. All I seem to be reading is how 'Ian cheated', 'Ian made Nina cry', 'They will remain professional', 'They act awkward around each other' and the one that really gets to me our these "sources" that seem to pop up all the time. Ian is an amazing man, how could he ever cheat, and why would he want to when he has Nina, I mean come on, she is perfect! 

You all know that comic con has just passed, leading up to this, people new that this was the time when we can see how Ian and Nina act around each other. But those people who where saying that they where awkward with each other must have been watching something completely different to me, because through my eyes, I saw them acting normal! Ok, they weren't hugging/ kissing, but I didn't expect them too, not at a work based event. 

Here is what I saw;

 We all know what this is right? It's the Nian necklace. That's all I gotta say! 

This isn't the clearest picture, and it may be nothing, but honestly, look at it. Anyone with eyes can see that their hands are touching. If their hands where just near each others then their would be more of a shadow. 

Those looks to each other. Do they look awkward to you?

There is also a video of an interview at comic con, that took place on a yacht. They certainly weren't awkward then, by singing with each other, and staring at each other every now and then.

I get that some people say they are just pictures, but a picture speaks a thousand words. And all of the above show me that they are either together still or they are still best friends.

At the end of the day, all we can do is have our opinions and suspicions, because unless Nina or Ian speak out, we wont know for sure.
Love, Liverpool Girl, xo

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