Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Vampire Diaries; My top 10 favourite scenes.

Since there is only 43 days to go until season 4, I thought I'd share with you my top 10 favourite scenes from season 1 to 3. (In no particular order)

So jealous of Elena in this scene, but I do love this scene! The chemistry between Stefan and Elena back then was magic. "Now you remember that because its never going to happen again" I'll always remember it, but I wish it would happen again.
Ian - 'I'm stronger than you little girl' Caroline - 'Well I'm angrier'. I love vampire Caroline, in season 1, we seen girly girl, naive Caroline, then once she became a vampire, she became strong, confident, fearless Caroline.      

As much as I am all for Stelena, I loved this scene. The chemistry between them both was incredible, probably because they are really together, but still, this scene gave me goose bumps.

This scene was so emotional! I think Rose and Damon where perfect for each other. The Chemistry between them was overpowering. I miss Rose! Do you?

I love Stelena, I was devastated when Stefan went on his ripper rage with Klaus. But this scene was so sweet. Showed us that his humanity wasn't completely gone, and that he could still be saved.

Stefan Salvatore Vs. Mr Tanner Best scenes! Something about these scenes just always makes me laugh! Maybe the fact that I know that when a teacher asks you questions and you don't know them, they are so smug, so I suppose this was just wishful thinking for my teachers.

I loved Lexi! She brought out the BEST side to Stefan, and made Elena realise that she loved him. I wish Lexi was still in TVD! 

STELENA!!! Another scene that gives me goose bumps! I miss these days!

Damon dancing gets me everytime! He is THE BEST dancer I have ever seen. Seriously he is! I think there should be more of dancing Damon in Season 4.

Stefan; "That's just in case there is no later"!! Brought a tear to my eye, but I was so happy when he did that! That's true love that is!

   I am totally ready for season 4! Are you? 

Love Liverpool Girlxo                              

Monday, 27 August 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Shay Mitchell and Ian Harding

So, I have just watched Shay's and Ian's amazing Ustream Video!

Here's what I found out!

How has your character changed since season 1?
Shay; Emily done a 180 since the pilot. She has evolved so much, gone so strong and became more comfortable with herself.

Who is your role model?
Shay; Ever since I was a little girl it's been my mum. She's so strong and independent.
Ian; Well, my entire family are my role models.

What has been your favourite episode in season 3?
Shay; The finale. I got to do a amazing stunt scene. It's going to blow your mind.
Ian; Definitely the finale.

How old where you when you started acting?
Shay; 18, yeah. That was after my modelling and travelling. 
Ian; High school. I went to this really cool boys private school. Everyone was very athletic, and I took drama. And I sang as a kid.

What can you tell us about the season finale?
Ian; The writers did a good job on really focusing on people. My story line is nice, but its going to be incredibly uncomfortable.

How close are you with the cast?
Shay; We hang out. I mean, when where not shooting we spend time with our other groups of friends but we do spend a lot of time together. Like Ashley phones me up the other night and said 'ok, I'll be round in 10' like totally out the blue and I'm like erm ok haha. And I watch a lot of movies with Troian.

If you could be any other character who would it be and why?
Ian; Toby. He gets to be really mysterious.
Shay; From the start I have always said Alison because she is the complete opposite of Emily, but now I'd love to play Mona, their's so much fun stuff to work with.

If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive, who would it be?
Ian; Do cartoons count? Like Mufassa from the Lion King. 
Shay; My grandparents, yeah I'd bring them back.

If you could take anything from set what would it be?
Ian; Ezra's apartment. Definitely I love it.
Shay; The Halloween masks, you know the ones with baby face. Their where so many people wearing one. Masks are intriguing to me.

Are you and your character the same?
Shay; At the start mine and Emily's style and personality where completely different. But where getting more similar as the seasons go on.

Who is the funniest on set?
Shay; We all have our moments. Well I always say Ashley, but right now she is very tame. 
Ian; Ashley will have to win back her title.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Shay; Ride my bike in Santa Monica.

Ian, what do you think about people thinking you are A?
Ian; Love that people think that. Well ever since I came to town this has been happening. Who knows.

What your favourite pranks that Ashley has pulled?
Shay; This new PA walks up to her and says nicely can you come to set, and she goes no! So their like but there calling you to set, and she goes no! Haha, she does it to everyone that is new.
Ian; I said something to her, and she starts to cry. So I was all red and sweating and I was like I'm sorry, then she starts laughing saying only joking.

What is your favourite music?
Shay; I love remix's of Lana Del Ray Frank Sinatra songs.

What is your favourite outfit on the show?
Shay; The halloween one that I am wearing, which you haven't seen yet.

PLL is all about secrets, do you have any?
Shay; Emily has enough secrets for me not to have any.

Describe your character in one word.
Shay; Loyal.
Ian; Torn.

Hope you liked what you have red.

Love Liverpool Girl xo

Pretty Little Liars: betrAyal suspects.

Is everyone excited for the finale - Betrayal.

Lets see who the suspects are!

Aria Montgomery.
It was news to me when I heard that the girls where suspects. But there could be possible reasons why Aria could be part of the 'A' Team; some of the messages the girls receive are about things that only Ali and that person know about, so how could anybody else. Or maybe she just wanted to protect her secrets - if her relationship with Ezra/ Mr Fitz, became public news, Ezra would loose his job and it would cause them to split up, never mind the fact that Aria was Mr Fitz student, and I'm pretty sure he would get in trouble for breaking some kind of law.

Ashley Marin.
It was only today that I found about Ashley being a suspect. This is something I have never considered, because lets face it, who would send threatening messages to her own daughter? Then I thought that maybe she joined the 'A' Team after she found out that Hanna was getting these messages, to protect her daughter. Or if Ashley was being more selfish, maybe she joined to keep her secret of Sleeping with Officer Wilden to stop Hanna from going to jail.  Or to hide the fact that she stole a dead woman's money.

Byron Montgomery.
This is another person who I was surprised to see on the suspects list. Once again, why would Byron want to threaten her daughter? We know he couldn't of been part of the 'A' Team from the start because A broke up his family by revealing his affair with a student to his wife, then told him about Aria and Ezra's relationship. So the only things I can think of is that he was forced to join the A team or that he joined so that he could watch Aria and Ezra?  

Caleb Rivers.
We established that Caleb would do absolutely anything to protect Hanna. So is it possible that he joined the A team to take them down from the inside? I think it is totally possible. Maybe he new that the only way he could protect Hanna and be with her is to work with the enemy. Or is he just putting a act on. Who would be more perfect to find out what the girls are up to than Caleb, the one they all turn to when they need websites to unblock, video's to find, computers to hack. 

Emily Fields.
The shy one in the group is on the suspects list, didn't see that coming. But if she is part of the 'A' Team, then I suppose there could be a couple valid reasons.
She fell in love with Ali, who was being stalked by A. Then she fell in love with Maya who obviously found out something she shouldn't have, which no doubt was about A. So you can understand if Em wanted to get onside with the enemy to find out what really happened to Alison and Maya. Or has Em really just gone to the dark side? The girl everyone would least expect...

Ezra Fitz.
I was definitely not surprised to see Ezra on the suspects list. First of; if you think back to when Aria told him about the Jenna thing and A he took it surprisingly well, unlike Caleb and Toby. I haven't always been suspicious of Ezra, my suspicion rose after Aria found the money in his draw, especially since at the time, Jason was writing a check for $50,000. If we look back to some of A's work, Hanna has been run over, Em was admitted into hospital, Toby was put in hospital, and Caleb's mum was in a car accident. What has happened to Aria and Ezra apart from their secret coming out, Byron's
                                                                                    secret also becoming public knowledge?

Hanna Marin.
After being put down by Ali for years for being 'Hefty Hanna', then getting run over by A, then used by Caleb  because of Jenna, finding out her best friend was A then not being able to tell Caleb about A because they had caused his mum to have a car accident. You can understand if she didn't want to be pushed around anymore. And the only way that would happen is if she joined the A Team. So is she protecting herself, Caleb and her family, or is she in the A team for a different reason?

Lucas Gottesman.
There is no doubt that Lucas has been acting suspicious since the end of season 2. And all the evidence right now isn't doing him many favours. Remember the incident at the Lake with Hanna, he said he only wanted to say that he had lost Caleb's money gambling - we haven't seen Lucas gamble before. Have we? Then there was the visits to Mona at Radley, and he was seen talking to Jenna and Melissa at the masquerade ball, and finally, Aria found the same tablets that where used to spike Emily's drink, in his camera bag. 
Not looking good for Lucas.

Melissa Hastings.
Cheating boyfriends, miscarriages, secrets, disappearing acts. Melissa has done it all. It's no wonder she is a suspect. Lets see; she hated Alison, there was a video of her storming into Ali's room, her sister kissed her fiancĂ©e, Ian attacked Spencer and cheated on her with Ali, and Melissa was the one in the Black Swan outfit at the masquerade ball.
Is that enough for her to be A?

Paige McCullers.
We know Paige has a violent side, but is it enough to be A? Hurt Emily in season 1, then kissed Em to show her that she wasn't who she thought she was, they dated for a while in secret, and re-kindled their love after Maya's death, now we find out that Paige had some ugly history with Alison. Do we think she was jealous of both Ali and Maya's relationship with Emily and so she killed them, then became part of the A team?

Spencer Hastings.
Spencer, the one who thinks she is a detective. We know she will do anything to find out who A is, and we know that she will always protect her friends, family and Toby, so is it possible that the only way she could do that is to join the enemy? She has been forced to split up with Toby a number of times, Melissa faked her pregnancy and may have had something to do with Ali's death, nobody knows about her half-brother Jason, and then their is what is going on between her mum and Garrett, so no wonder she would want to be part of the A team to put a end to it and keep her secrets buried. 
Or is it because Spencer really does have something against Ali and her friends? Do you remember when Ali went missing, it was Spencer that was up first 'looking' for her, then again she was the first one up to 'look' for Emily. 

Toby Cavanaugh.
So Toby has been blamed for blinding her Jenna, then accused of murdering Ali, then there was that incident with Emily at the dance, then there is the video's of him and Jenna. So he has as much as a reason as any to be A. Or is he really in love with Spencer and just wants to keep her safe? 

Who do you think the betrAyer will be?
Make sure you watch the season finale! 

Love Liverpool Girl xo

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Sunshine Blog Award

Just want to say a big thank you to Kirsty from Prettylittlefashionista for nominating me for the sunshine award.

1. Include award logo in a post or on your blog page.
2. Answer (10) questions about yourself. These are below.
3. Nominate 10-12 other fabulous bloggers.
4. Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.
5. Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

1. What would you most like to change about yourself?
I have very little confidence, so I'd love to change that.
2. What is your theme song?
Put Your Graffiti On Me by Kat Graham.
3. One part of your life, a memory, action, etc. that you could surgically remove from your brain?
Nothing, everything happens for a reason.
4. What generation do you wish you had been a part of?
After watching a lot of decade dances on TVD, I'd say the 20's.
5. What was your favourite childhood toy?
My barbie dolls. Used to love dressing them up.
6. What is your favourite housecleaning chore?
Washing the dishes. 
7. Do you twitter?
Of course! Love tweeting the amazing cast of PLL and TVD, and sharing my blog.
8. Any goals?
I want to pass all my exams ready for my last year in school.
9. Do you really drink margaritas all the time?
No, not old enough.
10. What is the ugliest car you've ever driven and were embarrassed to be seen in?
Not old enough to drive yet.

My nominations:

Love Liverpool Girl xo

Monday, 13 August 2012

Vampire Diaries; season 4 newbies!

I can not wait until season 4! 
Especially after I found that there is going to be some new people joining the TVD family!
Here they are!

Grace Phipps!
Julie Plec calls her 'a natural beauty with a bit of a edge'
Grace will be joining TVD as 16-year old April.
April returns to Mystic Falls post-private school after her father died, and being in Elena's and Jeremy's past; Elena tries to protect her from Mystic Falls deadliest secrets.

Phoebe Tonkin!
Star of H20: Just add water and Secret Circle!
Phoebe will be playing Hayley, in season 4, a old friend of Tyler Lockwood's.
Alot of history between Hayley and Tyler; Caroline will not be happy.

Todd Williams!
There's a new Vamp hunter in town!
Todd with be joining TVD as Connor - the tougher version of Alaric!
With no intention of befriending any vampires, he has one vampire at the top of his list... ELENA!
How do you feel about the new members? Let me know 
LoLiverpool Girl xo

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Pretty Little Liars; Fav outfits of season 3

While watching season 3 of Pretty Little Liars, there has been a few outfits that have caught my eye. So I thought I'd share them with you. 
I've been lucky to find the same or similar copy's of the clothes!

First up, Aria's aztec dress;
Worn in the episode 'Birds of a Feather'!
I am loving the aztec patterns lately, so it's no surprise that this outfit caught my eye!


Next up;
Spencer's navy blue skirt from the episode 'Crazy'.
Love how plain it is yet still gorgeous!


Hannah's Dress;
Worn in the latest episode 'The Kahn Game'.
Love this mini dress, paired with the leather jacket and studded bag!

Urban Outfitters

And finally;
Loved this dress that Aria worn in the Tuesday's episode 'The Kahn Game'.

Urban Outfitters

Do you like these outfits? Or is there ones that you think I have missed?
Let me know!

Liverpool Girl xo

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Pretty Little Liars; Brendan Robinson

So, last night, Brendan Robinson, who plays Lucas, done a live Ustream video. Staying up until 3am, I asked him a couple of questions for you all.

Here is what I found out!

What are your favourite episodes to shoot?
The night time shoots, definitely.

Sum up the season finale in one word.
What is your favourite food?
Mexican food

Who is your favourite actor?
Tom Hanks! He actually went to my hometown and I wasn't there!

Who is your favourite actress?
There is so many. But Kate Winslet.

Did you have to audition for Lucas?
Yes, I auditioned for Lucas 2 years ago. But I originally went in for the part of Aria's brother.

What is your relationship status?;)

What is Lucy Hale like in person?
Lucy is great. Very professional.

Is there any other TV shows that you would like to be in?
The Big Bang Theory. I'd love to be in that.

Who is your favourite character in The Big Bang Theory?
It has to be Sheldon!

What is your favourite film?
There is so many, it's hard to just pick one. But it's probably 'Forgetting Sarah Marshel'

Who are you the closest to on the cast?
I'm close with all the cast.

What is Shay Mitchell like in person?
Shay is wonderful.

What other shows are you on?
I have appeared on Good Luck Charlie and How I Met Your Mother. And I shot a couple episodes of Weeds.

Who is your favourite character on PLL?
Lucas of course.

If you could be any other PLL character, who would it be?
Toby or Ezra.

How would you develop your role as Lucas?
Maybe help the girls out. I like swapping between good and bad Lucas. But you will definitely see Lucas develop his role soon.

What is your favourite Olympic sport?
Swimming and Gymnastics

Who is your celeb crush?
Well it changes but who doesn't love Jennifer Aniston.

Who would you like to have more scenes with?
Lucy. I don't get to work with her much.

What is your favourite accent?
British! It has to be!
Have you ever been to Liverpool?

Will you ever visit Liverpool?
I'll try my hardest.

What is your favourite thing about Troian Bellisario?
She is so sweet.

Where is your favourite place to visit?
I've never been outside United States.

 Hope you liked what you've red! 
Love Liverpool Girl xo

Monday, 6 August 2012

Malese Jow!

Malese Jow played Anna in The Vampire Diaries; a vampire who lost her mum, and plotted most of her life to get her mother (Pearl) out of the tomb. In the middle of all this planning and scheming she fell in love with Jeremy Gilbert. And unfortunately got killed by John Gilberts invention.

So, I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite 'Anna' scenes!

I miss Anna! Do you? 

Love Liverpool Girl xo

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Vampire Diaries; Paleyfest interview 2012

For the people who have not yet seen this interview, I thought i'd share!
This has to be my favourite one, it features Kat Graham, Matt Davis, Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Julie Plec, Paul Wesley, and last but not least Candice Accola!
Your in for a laugh!

Part 1

Part 2
Apologies for the Spanish subtitles!

Let me know what you think!
Liverpool Girl xo

Fashion fav's in Teen Choice Awards

First up - Nina Dobrev!
I love everything about this; the design, the shape and the colour!
Nina always looks amazing in everything she wears, so it's no surprise that she showed up to the TCA's looking fabulous!

Kat Graham
Once again Kat is looking fabulous; in this fitted aztec dress!
Loving these colours lately!

Candice Accola
Okay, so i've been seeing a lot of yellow lately, which not many people can pull it of, but Candice looks perfect in this! 
Love how she paired this with a orange clutch and brown platform heels!

Lucy Hale
So, its clear that Lucy looks good in absolutely anything!
This gorgeous colour goes perfect with her skin tone!
11/10 from me!

Troian Bellisario
Loving the shape and style of this dress!
Troian looking stunning once again!

What's your opinion? I'd love to hear it!
Liverpool Girl xo

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Pretty Little Liars cast: Verified twitter accounts!

So, i‘ve gave you The Vampire Diaries usernames, now it‘s time for Pretty Little Liars!
Ezra Fitz/ Ian Harding - @IANHARDING
Byron Montgomery/ Chad Lowe - @ichadlowe
Jenna Marshel/ Tammin Sursok - @tamminsursok1
Caleb Rivers/ Tyler Blackburn - @tylerjblackburn
Wren Kingston/ Julian Morris - @Ju1ianMorris
Noel Kahn/ Brant Daugherty - @brantdaugherty
Toby Cavanaugh/ Keegan Allen - @KeeganAllen
Hanna Marin/ Ashley Benson - @AshBenzo
Emily Fields/ Shay Mitchell - @shaymitch
Spencer Hastings/ Troian Bellisario - @SleepintheGardn
Aria Montgomery/ Lucy Hale - @lucyyhale

If there is any i missed out please let me know.
Love Liverpool Girl xo

Vampire Diaries cast: Verified twitter accounts!

I know many people are unsure about which twitter accounts are real so I thought I‘d help you out in this post and list their usernames!
Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce/ Nina Dobrev - @ninadobrev
Damon Salvatore/ Ian Somerhalder - @iansomerhalder
Stefan Salvatore/ Paul Wesley - @paulwesley
Caroline Forbes/ Candice Accola - @CandiceAccola
Klaus Mikaelson/ Joseph Morgan - @JosephMorgan
Annabelle/ Malese Jow - @xoMalese
Tyler Lockwood/ Michael Trevino - @Michael_Trevino
Bonnie Bennett/ Kat Graham - @KatGraham
Mason Lockwood/ Taylor Kinney - @TaylorKinney111
Kol Mikaelson/ Nathaniel Buzolic - @natebuzz
Elijah Mikaelson/ Daniel Gillies - @danieljgillies
Vickie Donavon/ Kayla Ewell - @real_kaylaewell
Lexi/ Arielle Kebbel - @ArielleKebbel
Meredith Fell/ Torrey DeVitto - @TorreyJDeVitto
Jeremy Gilbert/ Steven McQueen - @McQueeninchains
John Gilbert/ David Anders - @QuestionAnders
Pearl/ Kelly Hu - @KellyHu
Rose/ Lauren Cohan - @LaurenCohan
Kelly Donovan/ Melinda Clarke - @TheRealMsClarke
Sage/ Cassidy Freeman - @cassidyfreeman
Jules/ Michaela McManus - @MichaelaMcManus

For more follow my twitter account @big_TVD_PLL_fan
If there is any i missed out please let me know.
Love Liverpool Girl xo

Hello pretty little world!

So, here is my first post of many! I am a newbie blogger and will be sharing posts about my favourite shows The Vampire Diaries and Pretty Little Liars! Expect posts from past and present episodes, posting about all thing related from interviews to fashion statements and everything inbetween! Hope you enjoy reading as much as I am going to enjoy writing posts.
Love Liverpool Girl