Monday, 13 August 2012

Vampire Diaries; season 4 newbies!

I can not wait until season 4! 
Especially after I found that there is going to be some new people joining the TVD family!
Here they are!

Grace Phipps!
Julie Plec calls her 'a natural beauty with a bit of a edge'
Grace will be joining TVD as 16-year old April.
April returns to Mystic Falls post-private school after her father died, and being in Elena's and Jeremy's past; Elena tries to protect her from Mystic Falls deadliest secrets.

Phoebe Tonkin!
Star of H20: Just add water and Secret Circle!
Phoebe will be playing Hayley, in season 4, a old friend of Tyler Lockwood's.
Alot of history between Hayley and Tyler; Caroline will not be happy.

Todd Williams!
There's a new Vamp hunter in town!
Todd with be joining TVD as Connor - the tougher version of Alaric!
With no intention of befriending any vampires, he has one vampire at the top of his list... ELENA!
How do you feel about the new members? Let me know 
LoLiverpool Girl xo


  1. I really like Phoebe Tonkin she is such a great actress I really liked her in Secret Circle it was such a shame it got cancelled. I have nominated you for a blog award for more information check it out here

  2. I didn‘t watch secret circle but she is a amazing actress. And thank you so much xo

  3. nice!

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