Monday, 27 August 2012

Pretty Little Liars: Shay Mitchell and Ian Harding

So, I have just watched Shay's and Ian's amazing Ustream Video!

Here's what I found out!

How has your character changed since season 1?
Shay; Emily done a 180 since the pilot. She has evolved so much, gone so strong and became more comfortable with herself.

Who is your role model?
Shay; Ever since I was a little girl it's been my mum. She's so strong and independent.
Ian; Well, my entire family are my role models.

What has been your favourite episode in season 3?
Shay; The finale. I got to do a amazing stunt scene. It's going to blow your mind.
Ian; Definitely the finale.

How old where you when you started acting?
Shay; 18, yeah. That was after my modelling and travelling. 
Ian; High school. I went to this really cool boys private school. Everyone was very athletic, and I took drama. And I sang as a kid.

What can you tell us about the season finale?
Ian; The writers did a good job on really focusing on people. My story line is nice, but its going to be incredibly uncomfortable.

How close are you with the cast?
Shay; We hang out. I mean, when where not shooting we spend time with our other groups of friends but we do spend a lot of time together. Like Ashley phones me up the other night and said 'ok, I'll be round in 10' like totally out the blue and I'm like erm ok haha. And I watch a lot of movies with Troian.

If you could be any other character who would it be and why?
Ian; Toby. He gets to be really mysterious.
Shay; From the start I have always said Alison because she is the complete opposite of Emily, but now I'd love to play Mona, their's so much fun stuff to work with.

If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive, who would it be?
Ian; Do cartoons count? Like Mufassa from the Lion King. 
Shay; My grandparents, yeah I'd bring them back.

If you could take anything from set what would it be?
Ian; Ezra's apartment. Definitely I love it.
Shay; The Halloween masks, you know the ones with baby face. Their where so many people wearing one. Masks are intriguing to me.

Are you and your character the same?
Shay; At the start mine and Emily's style and personality where completely different. But where getting more similar as the seasons go on.

Who is the funniest on set?
Shay; We all have our moments. Well I always say Ashley, but right now she is very tame. 
Ian; Ashley will have to win back her title.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Shay; Ride my bike in Santa Monica.

Ian, what do you think about people thinking you are A?
Ian; Love that people think that. Well ever since I came to town this has been happening. Who knows.

What your favourite pranks that Ashley has pulled?
Shay; This new PA walks up to her and says nicely can you come to set, and she goes no! So their like but there calling you to set, and she goes no! Haha, she does it to everyone that is new.
Ian; I said something to her, and she starts to cry. So I was all red and sweating and I was like I'm sorry, then she starts laughing saying only joking.

What is your favourite music?
Shay; I love remix's of Lana Del Ray Frank Sinatra songs.

What is your favourite outfit on the show?
Shay; The halloween one that I am wearing, which you haven't seen yet.

PLL is all about secrets, do you have any?
Shay; Emily has enough secrets for me not to have any.

Describe your character in one word.
Shay; Loyal.
Ian; Torn.

Hope you liked what you have red.

Love Liverpool Girl xo

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