Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Vampire Diaries; My top 10 favourite scenes.

Since there is only 43 days to go until season 4, I thought I'd share with you my top 10 favourite scenes from season 1 to 3. (In no particular order)

So jealous of Elena in this scene, but I do love this scene! The chemistry between Stefan and Elena back then was magic. "Now you remember that because its never going to happen again" I'll always remember it, but I wish it would happen again.
Ian - 'I'm stronger than you little girl' Caroline - 'Well I'm angrier'. I love vampire Caroline, in season 1, we seen girly girl, naive Caroline, then once she became a vampire, she became strong, confident, fearless Caroline.      

As much as I am all for Stelena, I loved this scene. The chemistry between them both was incredible, probably because they are really together, but still, this scene gave me goose bumps.

This scene was so emotional! I think Rose and Damon where perfect for each other. The Chemistry between them was overpowering. I miss Rose! Do you?

I love Stelena, I was devastated when Stefan went on his ripper rage with Klaus. But this scene was so sweet. Showed us that his humanity wasn't completely gone, and that he could still be saved.

Stefan Salvatore Vs. Mr Tanner Best scenes! Something about these scenes just always makes me laugh! Maybe the fact that I know that when a teacher asks you questions and you don't know them, they are so smug, so I suppose this was just wishful thinking for my teachers.

I loved Lexi! She brought out the BEST side to Stefan, and made Elena realise that she loved him. I wish Lexi was still in TVD! 

STELENA!!! Another scene that gives me goose bumps! I miss these days!

Damon dancing gets me everytime! He is THE BEST dancer I have ever seen. Seriously he is! I think there should be more of dancing Damon in Season 4.

Stefan; "That's just in case there is no later"!! Brought a tear to my eye, but I was so happy when he did that! That's true love that is!

   I am totally ready for season 4! Are you? 

Love Liverpool Girlxo                              

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