Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Pretty Little Liars; Brendan Robinson

So, last night, Brendan Robinson, who plays Lucas, done a live Ustream video. Staying up until 3am, I asked him a couple of questions for you all.

Here is what I found out!

What are your favourite episodes to shoot?
The night time shoots, definitely.

Sum up the season finale in one word.
What is your favourite food?
Mexican food

Who is your favourite actor?
Tom Hanks! He actually went to my hometown and I wasn't there!

Who is your favourite actress?
There is so many. But Kate Winslet.

Did you have to audition for Lucas?
Yes, I auditioned for Lucas 2 years ago. But I originally went in for the part of Aria's brother.

What is your relationship status?;)

What is Lucy Hale like in person?
Lucy is great. Very professional.

Is there any other TV shows that you would like to be in?
The Big Bang Theory. I'd love to be in that.

Who is your favourite character in The Big Bang Theory?
It has to be Sheldon!

What is your favourite film?
There is so many, it's hard to just pick one. But it's probably 'Forgetting Sarah Marshel'

Who are you the closest to on the cast?
I'm close with all the cast.

What is Shay Mitchell like in person?
Shay is wonderful.

What other shows are you on?
I have appeared on Good Luck Charlie and How I Met Your Mother. And I shot a couple episodes of Weeds.

Who is your favourite character on PLL?
Lucas of course.

If you could be any other PLL character, who would it be?
Toby or Ezra.

How would you develop your role as Lucas?
Maybe help the girls out. I like swapping between good and bad Lucas. But you will definitely see Lucas develop his role soon.

What is your favourite Olympic sport?
Swimming and Gymnastics

Who is your celeb crush?
Well it changes but who doesn't love Jennifer Aniston.

Who would you like to have more scenes with?
Lucy. I don't get to work with her much.

What is your favourite accent?
British! It has to be!
Have you ever been to Liverpool?

Will you ever visit Liverpool?
I'll try my hardest.

What is your favourite thing about Troian Bellisario?
She is so sweet.

Where is your favourite place to visit?
I've never been outside United States.

 Hope you liked what you've red! 
Love Liverpool Girl xo

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