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Pretty Little Liars: betrAyal suspects.

Is everyone excited for the finale - Betrayal.

Lets see who the suspects are!

Aria Montgomery.
It was news to me when I heard that the girls where suspects. But there could be possible reasons why Aria could be part of the 'A' Team; some of the messages the girls receive are about things that only Ali and that person know about, so how could anybody else. Or maybe she just wanted to protect her secrets - if her relationship with Ezra/ Mr Fitz, became public news, Ezra would loose his job and it would cause them to split up, never mind the fact that Aria was Mr Fitz student, and I'm pretty sure he would get in trouble for breaking some kind of law.

Ashley Marin.
It was only today that I found about Ashley being a suspect. This is something I have never considered, because lets face it, who would send threatening messages to her own daughter? Then I thought that maybe she joined the 'A' Team after she found out that Hanna was getting these messages, to protect her daughter. Or if Ashley was being more selfish, maybe she joined to keep her secret of Sleeping with Officer Wilden to stop Hanna from going to jail.  Or to hide the fact that she stole a dead woman's money.

Byron Montgomery.
This is another person who I was surprised to see on the suspects list. Once again, why would Byron want to threaten her daughter? We know he couldn't of been part of the 'A' Team from the start because A broke up his family by revealing his affair with a student to his wife, then told him about Aria and Ezra's relationship. So the only things I can think of is that he was forced to join the A team or that he joined so that he could watch Aria and Ezra?  

Caleb Rivers.
We established that Caleb would do absolutely anything to protect Hanna. So is it possible that he joined the A team to take them down from the inside? I think it is totally possible. Maybe he new that the only way he could protect Hanna and be with her is to work with the enemy. Or is he just putting a act on. Who would be more perfect to find out what the girls are up to than Caleb, the one they all turn to when they need websites to unblock, video's to find, computers to hack. 

Emily Fields.
The shy one in the group is on the suspects list, didn't see that coming. But if she is part of the 'A' Team, then I suppose there could be a couple valid reasons.
She fell in love with Ali, who was being stalked by A. Then she fell in love with Maya who obviously found out something she shouldn't have, which no doubt was about A. So you can understand if Em wanted to get onside with the enemy to find out what really happened to Alison and Maya. Or has Em really just gone to the dark side? The girl everyone would least expect...

Ezra Fitz.
I was definitely not surprised to see Ezra on the suspects list. First of; if you think back to when Aria told him about the Jenna thing and A he took it surprisingly well, unlike Caleb and Toby. I haven't always been suspicious of Ezra, my suspicion rose after Aria found the money in his draw, especially since at the time, Jason was writing a check for $50,000. If we look back to some of A's work, Hanna has been run over, Em was admitted into hospital, Toby was put in hospital, and Caleb's mum was in a car accident. What has happened to Aria and Ezra apart from their secret coming out, Byron's
                                                                                    secret also becoming public knowledge?

Hanna Marin.
After being put down by Ali for years for being 'Hefty Hanna', then getting run over by A, then used by Caleb  because of Jenna, finding out her best friend was A then not being able to tell Caleb about A because they had caused his mum to have a car accident. You can understand if she didn't want to be pushed around anymore. And the only way that would happen is if she joined the A Team. So is she protecting herself, Caleb and her family, or is she in the A team for a different reason?

Lucas Gottesman.
There is no doubt that Lucas has been acting suspicious since the end of season 2. And all the evidence right now isn't doing him many favours. Remember the incident at the Lake with Hanna, he said he only wanted to say that he had lost Caleb's money gambling - we haven't seen Lucas gamble before. Have we? Then there was the visits to Mona at Radley, and he was seen talking to Jenna and Melissa at the masquerade ball, and finally, Aria found the same tablets that where used to spike Emily's drink, in his camera bag. 
Not looking good for Lucas.

Melissa Hastings.
Cheating boyfriends, miscarriages, secrets, disappearing acts. Melissa has done it all. It's no wonder she is a suspect. Lets see; she hated Alison, there was a video of her storming into Ali's room, her sister kissed her fiancĂ©e, Ian attacked Spencer and cheated on her with Ali, and Melissa was the one in the Black Swan outfit at the masquerade ball.
Is that enough for her to be A?

Paige McCullers.
We know Paige has a violent side, but is it enough to be A? Hurt Emily in season 1, then kissed Em to show her that she wasn't who she thought she was, they dated for a while in secret, and re-kindled their love after Maya's death, now we find out that Paige had some ugly history with Alison. Do we think she was jealous of both Ali and Maya's relationship with Emily and so she killed them, then became part of the A team?

Spencer Hastings.
Spencer, the one who thinks she is a detective. We know she will do anything to find out who A is, and we know that she will always protect her friends, family and Toby, so is it possible that the only way she could do that is to join the enemy? She has been forced to split up with Toby a number of times, Melissa faked her pregnancy and may have had something to do with Ali's death, nobody knows about her half-brother Jason, and then their is what is going on between her mum and Garrett, so no wonder she would want to be part of the A team to put a end to it and keep her secrets buried. 
Or is it because Spencer really does have something against Ali and her friends? Do you remember when Ali went missing, it was Spencer that was up first 'looking' for her, then again she was the first one up to 'look' for Emily. 

Toby Cavanaugh.
So Toby has been blamed for blinding her Jenna, then accused of murdering Ali, then there was that incident with Emily at the dance, then there is the video's of him and Jenna. So he has as much as a reason as any to be A. Or is he really in love with Spencer and just wants to keep her safe? 

Who do you think the betrAyer will be?
Make sure you watch the season finale! 

Love Liverpool Girl xo

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