Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Private Vamp Awards; Winners!

Voting has now closed!
Here are the hot winners!

Hottest Vampire (Female)

The newbie vampire Elena Gilbert! With 54% of the votes!

Hottest Vampire (Male)

The dangerously hot Damon Salvatore! With 66% of the votes!

Murderous Vampire

The psycho yet handsome Hybrid... Klaus Mikaelson! With 81% of the votes!

Best Actor

The one and only, Ian Somerhalder! With 58% of the votes!

Best Actress

The stunning Nina Dobrev! With 70% of the votes!

Best Villain

The winner of two, Klaus Mikaelson! With 70% of the votes!

Best Hero

Its a tie! The equally deserving Salvatore brothers! Both with 50% of the votes!

Best TVD Fan Base

Again it's a tie! Both Stelena and Delena are perfect in each way! Both with 50%of the votes! 

Thank you for reading! Did your favourite win? 

Love Liverpool Girl xo 

Monday, 28 January 2013

Last Chance!

This is the last day to vote on my polls, email and comment your favourites for my private TVD awards!
I will be posting all the winners tomorrow!

I've voted, now it's your turn!

Love, Liverpool Girl xo 

Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Vampire Diaries - Catch Me If You Can

If you haven't already seen the latest episode of The Vampire Diaries then stop reading now!

For all of you that have, it was amazing right?
Any normal day in Mystic Falls; Bonnie uses black magic, then her dad thinks she needs professional help. Numerous newly turned vampires go after Jeremy and Matt. Kol compels Damon to kill Jeremy. Stefan stops him and locks him away. Elena comes up with yet another plan. Creepy Professor Shane admits to convincing pastor Young to blow up a house with him and 11 council members in it. Oh and Stefan and Rebekah decide to have no strings attached vampire sex! I don't think I missed anything out. 

Talking about it makes it harder for me to wait for the next episode, so in the mean time here's a sneak peak into the next episode.

Bye for now, Liverpool Girl xo

Pretty Little Liars - Misery Loves Company

If you haven't already seen the latest episode of PLL then stop reading now!

For all you people that have, are you feeling sorry for Spencer? I certainly am! Are Caleb and Paige stepping into dangerous territory by trying to unmask and stop A? 
 I'm sure we'll find out in the next couple of episodes. 

But for now, here's some sneak peaks of the next episode;


Love, Liverpool Girl xo 

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Must Read!

Guess what happened today! 
Kat Graham released her new music video called 'Wanna Say'

Check it out;

Surely this woman can't get anymore perfect!
I just don't understand why Kat's music isn't released in the UK yet, it would blow everyone's minds!

Bye for now, Liverpool Girl  xo

TVD Review; After School Special

If you haven't already watched the latest episode of TVD then stop reading now!

But for all of you that have, do you agree that it was more than AMAZING?
What has April done? By pulling the dagger out of  Rebekah, Elena finally told the truth about her relationship with Damon, Stefan spilled that he new about Elena and Damon sleeping together, and Stefan asked Rebekah to make him forget every feeling, memory and heart ache he felt for Elena. 
Drama, Drama, Drama! But we love it!

My couple wishes;
Although I love Stefan with Elena, Stefan and Caroline.
Damon and Elena.
Jeremy and Bonnie.
Matt and Rebekah.
Tyler and Hayley.
Klaus and Katherine.

Who do you wish were together in TVD?

Do you want a sneak peek into the next episode?

Love Liverpool Girl xo

PLL Review; Mona-Mania

If you haven't already watched the latest episode of PLL then stop reading now!

But for all of you that have, do you agree that it was amazing?
Did Hanna do the right thing by standing up to Mona like that? We all love Toby, A or not, but I've got to say that he isn't great at being secret, how many times has been close to getting hurt? And I don't trust Byron or Meredith right now! Do you?

Maybe our questions will be answered in the next episode. Do you want a sneak peak or 3?

Here you go;

Enjoy the next episode, I'll keep you updated.

Love Liverpool Girl  xo

Thursday, 17 January 2013


I know this post is a week late, but PLL is back! 
And I have to say that is was a amazing episode! Do we trust Mona and Jason?
I will be watching the next episode tonight and will be making a post immediately!

And on The Vampire Diaries front, It is back TONIGHT! Well that's for America anyway, you can watch it online tomorrow or for the people in UK who want to watch it on TV it will not be on until 19th February on ITV2.

Enjoy both PLL and TVD!

Bye for now, Liverpool Girl xo 

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Private Vamp Awards!

This blog post is basically a private award post for the TVD cast. I would like to know who is the hottest vampire, murderous vampire, best actress/actor, best villian, best hero and best TVD fan base!


Hottest Vampire (Female)

Caroline Forbes

Elena Gilbert

Katherine Pierce

Rebekah Mikaelson

Hottest Vampire (Male);

Damon Salvatore

Klaus Mikaelson

Stefan Salvatore

Murderous Vampire;

Katherine Pierce

Damon Salvatore

Klaus Mikaelson

Stefan Salvatore

Best Actor;

Ian Somerhalder

Joseph Morgan

Michael Trevino

Paul Wesley

Steven R McQueen

Zach Roerig

Best Actress;

Candice Accola

Claire Holt

Grace Phipps

Kat Graham

Nina Dobrev

Phoebe Tonkin

Best Villian;

Katherine Pierce

Klaus Mikaelson

Rebekah Mikaelson

Best Hero;

Damon Salvatore

Stefan Salvatore

Tyler Lockwood

Best TVD fan base;




So theirs the nominees! 
Vote by commenting, emailing or by voting on the polls to the right!

Announced on the 29th January! 

Love Liverpool Girl xo

Monday, 7 January 2013

Nina and Ian

I have just been looking through pictures of Ian and Nina and realized that I haven't done a post about the hottest, cutest, perfect couple. So, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite Nian pictures and videos.

This picture was actually before they announced that they where a item, but I just love the way they looked at each other.


Shopping for Christmas tree's together. Is that cute or is that cute?

Makes me melt inside! Love it!

Seriously like how cuter can Ian get! Nina is so lucky!

Just in case you can't quite hear it;
Nina: Are you live?
Ian: yep
Nina: Oh I want to kiss you but I don't want to do it in front of the world.
How adorable! Especially since at the end he leans over and kisses her of camera!

Seeing their relationship gives me hope for the future that there is such a thing as true love!

Love Liverpool Girl xo 

Saturday, 5 January 2013

PLL is back!

I haven't been writing any Pretty Little Liars posts lately. But, you'll be seeing a lot more starting from 8th January! Why? Because PLL is back in the US in 3days! 

I am not sure when it is back on our screens in the UK, so my suggestion is to watch it on the Internet the day after.

Love Liverpool Girl xo

Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Hi everyone, just a quick post to say everyone, if you haven't already then VOTE for TVD and PLL for People's Choice Awards.

It is too late to vote for most of the categories, so while we still have chance vote for Favorite TV Fan Following - TVDfamily and Little Liars.


Oh and don't forget to watch! Let's keep our fingers crossed!