Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Private Vamp Awards; Winners!

Voting has now closed!
Here are the hot winners!

Hottest Vampire (Female)

The newbie vampire Elena Gilbert! With 54% of the votes!

Hottest Vampire (Male)

The dangerously hot Damon Salvatore! With 66% of the votes!

Murderous Vampire

The psycho yet handsome Hybrid... Klaus Mikaelson! With 81% of the votes!

Best Actor

The one and only, Ian Somerhalder! With 58% of the votes!

Best Actress

The stunning Nina Dobrev! With 70% of the votes!

Best Villain

The winner of two, Klaus Mikaelson! With 70% of the votes!

Best Hero

Its a tie! The equally deserving Salvatore brothers! Both with 50% of the votes!

Best TVD Fan Base

Again it's a tie! Both Stelena and Delena are perfect in each way! Both with 50%of the votes! 

Thank you for reading! Did your favourite win? 

Love Liverpool Girl xo 

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