Saturday, 19 January 2013

TVD Review; After School Special

If you haven't already watched the latest episode of TVD then stop reading now!

But for all of you that have, do you agree that it was more than AMAZING?
What has April done? By pulling the dagger out of  Rebekah, Elena finally told the truth about her relationship with Damon, Stefan spilled that he new about Elena and Damon sleeping together, and Stefan asked Rebekah to make him forget every feeling, memory and heart ache he felt for Elena. 
Drama, Drama, Drama! But we love it!

My couple wishes;
Although I love Stefan with Elena, Stefan and Caroline.
Damon and Elena.
Jeremy and Bonnie.
Matt and Rebekah.
Tyler and Hayley.
Klaus and Katherine.

Who do you wish were together in TVD?

Do you want a sneak peek into the next episode?

Love Liverpool Girl xo

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