Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My experience!

Insurgence 5, in Birmingham, started on the 14th June and ended on the 16th, I am late but I thought today I'd share my experience with you all.

Rogue Events had a great line up this year; Ian Somerhalder, Nathaniel Buzolic, Todd Williams, Michael Trevino, Matt Davis, Sebastian Roche, Rick Worthy, Candice Accola and last but not least Kat Graham.

I have to admit, before I got there I wasn't exactly fangirling over Todd, Seb and Rick, but after being there I absolutely love them!

On the friday their was a 70's party for all the attendee's, so that people could kick of the weekend in style. Then it was up early to start the Saturday with stage talks and autographs followed by a Homecoming party, which Nate attended! It got even better on Sunday with more stage talks and autographs, finishing it all of with the amazing closing ceremony!

That was just a summary of what happened over the weekend!

Here is a few pictures that I took whilst I was there;

I am still recovering from the shock of being this close to the Ian Somerhalder. Unfortunately I didn't get an autograph of him because he was a sponsored guest and I didn't have chance to pay! Next year though!

Yes, that's right! I was that close to him! And he is so amazing! He actually made me cry!

There isn't enough words to describe this man! Only people who where at Insurgence 5 will understand how dirty minded but hilarious he was! Again he was a sponsored guest so no autograph :(

Todd Williams. So not who I expected him to be! I have actually fell in love with this guy! Plus he gave me a hug when he was giving me his autograph *blushing*! 

He certainly was not what I was expecting! Other Insurgence attendees will understand me when I say these four things - Magners. Bulmers. Cake. Harlem Shake. 

Matt Davis aka Ernesto Riley, was everything I expected and more! And I've got to say, this guy has some serious dance moves!

Kat Graham. Wow. She is absolutely perfect!

I loved these two people so much! Caroline is one of my favourite characters, and Candice is so much like her, she is perfect in every way (and she complemented me on my mustache top :-p). Michael Trevino is HOT! So much more in person! Actually, me and my cousin were walking down the corridor to get our autographs, and there Michael was, walking right beside us. He was in touching distance, I should of said hello, but I just carried on walking, mouth open, staring, starstruck!

It was the best experience of my life! And I hope I get to go next year.

Have you checked out the video's on you tube yet of the weekend? If not, they are below;

We danced to this more times than I could count!

I was so shocked at this! But it was hilarious! You lucky woman!

Get Lucky will always remind me of Seb and this weekend. Favourite song!

See, Matt Davis has some hot moves!

Bye for now, Liverpool Girl.xo

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