Saturday, 27 July 2013

Are Ian and Nina together?

I have been watching twitter closely, and I have reason to believe that Ian and Nina are with each other right now!
Earlier on Nina tweeted "A lot to look forward to when I land in LA... Power Of Youth today!". Meanwhile Julie tweeted "LA-bound. Need a shower and a nap". This raised the question, whether Julie and Nina where together. But this was answered when Julie replied to a fan saying "I'm presenting Nina at an event honoring her".
Here is where it gets exciting! Ian replied to Julies first tweet which said " The Beatles&loud headphones always make airports better - the shower and nap I can't help with - you can nap on my shoulder".
This seems to me that Ian is voluntarily going with Nina and Julie to Power Of Youth to support Nina.
I'll keep you all posted.
Bye for now, Liverpool Girl, xo

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