Thursday, 2 May 2013

TVD episode wardrobe

Starting today, I will be doing a TVD episode wardrobe post every Thursday. I will be sharing with you my favourite outfits from the previous episode.

But since there weren't many outfits in last weeks shocking episode, because it was technically The Originals pilot, I will be using the episode before! Prom! 

Here goes;

So Rebekah was trying to show Elijah that she can be a human. I think that is why she showed up to prom in this vibrant dress. The yellow really brings out her humanity. Right?

I think it was a good thing that Elena stole Caroline's dress. I think everyone agree's that Elena looked absolutely stunning in this. Wow!

Caroline really does look beautiful in this timeless gown. An advantage to having her dress stolen and having a 1000 year old vampire wrapped around her little finger is that she shows up to prom with all eyes on her extravagant dress!

Love Liverpool Girl,xo

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