Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Vampire Diaries; Into The Wild

If you haven't already watched the latest episode of TVD then stop reading now!

For all of you that have was it amazing or was it amazing?
Klaus bit Caroline to punish them but in the end his love for her was to strong so he decided to save her.
Elena, Damon, Stefan, Rebekah, Bonnie, Jeremy and Professor Shane all take a trip to an island to find the cure while Shane has another plan up his sleeve, he gets Bonnie to follow him, and he takes Jeremy along with the head stone. 
Damon confesses to Elena that he doesn't want the cure.
And at the end another Vampire hunter (one of the five) snapped Damon's neck!

Are you excited as me to see the next episode?

Here's the official promo for 'Down The Rabbit Hole';


I can't believe I nearly forgot! Guess what all you amazing TVD family? It has been confirmed that TVD is back for a fifth season! YAY!

Love, Liverpool Girl xo


  1. I've never watched the vampire diaries, but I love pretty little liars!

    Sita xx

  2. The Vampire Diaries is my obsession. Pretty Little Liars isn't my life but I love it!
    Thanks for looking at my blog and I hope you liked it.