Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Pretty Little Liars; Episode Review

*SPOILER* If you have not seen the latest episode of PLL then do not read! *SPOILER*

Oh My God! I am absolutely speechless. That was by far the best, and most shocking episode that has ever been made on PLL! 

Just to sum up the episode; 
A or red coat is suddenly into magic. Ashley Marin is now free from the 'I killed Detective Wilden' label. Shana and Mona are working together on something. Jake gave Aria the cold shoulder, so she went to the coffee shop and had a cosy chat with Ezra. That Grimalde woman is still as creepy as the first time we met her. There was two red coats. Cece Drake being one of them. Lucy put her marcial arts to work and defended herself to Cece. Then we thought she was dead until the girls turned around and she was no where to be seen. A's lair was found. Alison is still alive but doesn't want to be found. There was this weird thing that happened near the end when Caleb got on the bus. And finally, EZRA IS A! 

I don't think I missed anything out.

I can not wait for the next episode!!! But unfortunately we have to wait until the 22nd October :(

What did you think of this episode? Do you think Ezra is the real A? 

Love, Hannah.xo


  1. Still CAN"T believe Ezra is A :'(

    1. I don't think Ezra is really A. I think he knows about A, and I think he might have been with Alison, but I don't think he is A. I don't know why.