Friday, 26 October 2012

The Vampire Diaries - Review of 'The Rager'

3rd episode of Season 4. What do you think?
Each episode has been better than the last, but this one has certainly left me asking a few questions about what will happen. Such as; Will Hayley come between Caroline and Tyler? Is Jeremy one of the five? Will Elena control her need for blood? Is Stefan going to be able to be enough for Elena now that she is a Vampire? 

A lot of questions, but when will we get the answers?

Personally I think you should just get Damon, Elena, Stefan, Katherine, Caroline, Tyler, Klaus, Rebekah, Elijah, Jeremy, Matt and Meredith to all go fight with the four hunters (excluding Jeremy)

I'd love to hear what you want to happen most in this Season, so email me before the 10th November and I'll pick a few of the best ones and publish them on my next post! Be as imaginative as you like!
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You give me the inspiration for my next post.
(If people like the idea of emailing me their idea's, I may do something like this again in the future but as a competition. That's if enough people email me)

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